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Personalized service and all the elegance and charm of Terra Mia Restaurant.

The A La Carte Restaurant leads you to a charming gastronomic experience.
You choose the dishes that please your tastebuds and envelop with the fascinating ambiance decorated to provide an unforgettable dinner.

Main Dishes

Sophisticated menu, inspired by the latest gastronomic trends.

Do you know when you taste the perfect combination between sauces and salads? And what about the whimsically seasoning with selected ingredients from a delicious Filet Mignon? At the La Carte Terra Mia Restaurant you will taste unforgettable flavors!


With a bold Menu that mixes traditional seasonings with unusual ingredients, the A La Carte Terra Mia restaurant brings a variety of dishes, currently the the Gravlax of Salmon in the Cure of Beet with Sour Cream, as one of the most requested dishes of this restaurant. The Tray in the Bisque Sauce with Black Rice of Seafood of the Sea and Bottarg of the incredible recipes that await you.

Chef Rodrigo

The Southern Chef, Rodrigo Guterres, with extensive experience in contemporary cuisine brings bold dishes, which transform the simplest foods into the most exquisite in gastronomy. With such charm in the setting and incomparable caprice in preparation, the a la carte dining at Terra Mia Restaurant presents the best of Cheff's culinary skills. Let's try?

Booking (Yago)

YAGO is our Digital Butler on your cell phone, 24 hours a day. A convenience that La Torre offers you! With it the booking for Terra Mia Restaurant has become even simpler, practical and fast. If you prefer to book directly with an attendant, look for the Guest Experience, make your reservation and a good appetite!


National and imported drinks, alcholic and non-alcholic beverages, whiskey, wines, sparkling wines and exclusive drinks created by our bartenders specialized in cocktails, with fresh fruits and creams and flavors, in a charming mix that will make your dinner even most incredible.

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