Garden Restaurant

Discover the flavors of our cuisine

With a diverse menu and selected ingredients, Restaurante Jardim has our team of chefs to prepare tasty and balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being in the central area, the restaurant is integrated with several other services of All Inclusive. Start the day with our delicious breakfast and enjoy our tasty lunch and dinner menu.

Breakfast: 7 to 10:30 am • Lunch: 12 to 15 pm • Dinner: 19 to 22:30 pm.

Terra Mia

Contemporary menu at Terra Mia nights

Taste unforgettable flavors in our à la carte restaurant. You will enjoy a charming atmosphere and enjoy the contemporary cuisine prepared by Chef Rodrigo, which brings the perfect combination of seasonings and sauces. The whimsical preparation, diverse menu and selected ingredients are the hallmarks of this unique experience. How about a Filet Mignon Tornador?

Beach Club

Appetizers and local cuisine by the sea

Enjoying appetizers at our Beach Club is a unique experience. With a varied menu that is constantly prepared and served in a conversation structure, the snacks will always be fresh and tasty. In addition to fruits, sandwiches, sausages and grains, our menu includes garlic and oil shrimp, sun meat and chips. So you enjoy each moment with a special flavor.

Chef's Paella

With selected ingredients and distinctive seasoning, Chef Paella is one of the most cherished dining experiences among our guests. Whether for the charming atmosphere or the trip to the Valencian gastronomy, the region of origin of the dish.

Moqueca Baiana

Bahian cuisine, famous for olive oils, seafood and delicacies, gets a unique seaside experience. The smell of moqueca is mouth-watering and already announces the combination of palm oil, shrimp, among other fresh ingredients.

Matsuri Sushi

For lovers of oriental cuisine, our SushiMan has set aside a night to prepare the most diverse types and assemblies. In addition to the themed ambience that will bring you to a trip to Japan, the menu is a real show!

Handcrafted Buschettas

The famous Italian antipasto is the theme of this delightful experience, combining authentic Italian cuisine with the most diverse and tasty fillings. Crafted by our chefs, Bruschetta brings touches of contemporary cuisine.

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