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Resort Latorre

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How to get there

Located about 12km from the International Airport of Porto Seguro, at the city's North Edge, Resort La Torre is situated at Muta Beach, a place of easy access through the BR 367 road, with collective and alternative public transportation available, besides the taxi fleet and receptive services that serve the Resort. Around 2km from the landmark of the 1st Mass in Brazil, next to Jaqueira's indigenous village and indigenous community of Cora Vermelha, La Torre is close to several tourist attractions.

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An entire Leisure complex for you

Inside an area over 120.000m2 with gardens, parks, SPA, a shop galery, 05 accommodation areas, the La Torre Resort is a truly leisure complex! As if the beautiful Muta beach was not enough, it yet has 06 pools of common use besides other private use pools at high standar accommodations. Bars and restaurants are distribuited in excellents locations providing comfort wherever you stay.

Discovery's Coast

It was not by chance that Pedro Alvares Cabral chose this region to "Discover Brazil"! If he was looking for spices, beauties and riches, he came to the right place. Between the ocean, rivers and the Atlantic forest, this is the perfect region for ecological, religious, rural and adventure tourism, where these cities histories get confused with Brazil's one, that's because it begins with the "Discovery" becoming the scene of Gospel's arrival in our Country and, above all, the "Porto Seguro" for the Portuguese caravels that arrived here in 1500.

Porto Seguro

A haven of nature lovers, a passion for all who come to Porto Seguro, this Bahian hospitable city has in its resident population the most beautiful mixtures of races, colors, rhythms, arts and spices. With its coral reefs, marine parks, indigenous handicrafts, ruins, historic buildings and beautiful beaches, it is a truly cultural paradise, historical and World Heritage Site that even with the technological advances, it is still possible to live the delights of an interior community.

Muta Beach

With calm waves and warm water, Muta Beach is characterized by its natural pools formed by the coral reefs that surround it. A truly paradise amidst the area of great environmental preservation, visited by families with young children and couples who are seeking tranquility for baths and dives.
Muta Beach is 2 km from Coroa Vermelha Beach, a place known for being inhabited by many indigenous people. This approach allows for real contact with the Pataxó culture and get to know a little bit of the art made by the indigenous hands themselves in an ancient way.

Environmental Protection Area

Under the 1993 decree recognizing the importance of this area, Muta Beach is part of the APA Coroa Vermelha (Environmental Preservation Area) where there is a guarantee of the preservation of natural resources alongside the development of tourist activities. Here there are remnants of Atlantic forest, restinga vegetation and home to several species of fauna and flora. Next to Indigenous Villages and Marine Park, where it is possible to appreciate the culture of the Indians and the life among the reefs.

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Uns acreditam que o La Torre “fez” Luigi, outros que eu “fiz” o La Torre. Não se sabe ao certo, mas esse “laboratório” de hospitalidade se mantém a serviço da construção de histórias de vida, contribuindo para a evolução do significado da experiência de quem viaja. Alcançar sempre uma nova forma de receber nossos hóspedes é nossa missão, deixá-los encantados é nossa paixão.

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